Redding Competition 10X-Pistol and Small Rifle Powder Measure


The Redding Competition 10X-Pistol and Small Rifle Powder Measure was specifically designed to achieve the best metering possible at the targeted charge weight of approximately 10 grains. The accurate charge range of this measure is from 1 to 25 grains making it ideal for all popular pistol calibers and small rifle calibers such as the 17 Hornet and 5.7x28mm FN. The metering cavity was designed with a test tube-like bottom to ensure extremely consistent and accurate metering. This measure features a drum assembly that can be easily changed from right to left hand operation and can be adapted to some progressive reloading presses. Bench-front mounting bracket included.

Technical Information:

Metering Chamber: Handgun and Small rifle metering insert 


  • Accommodates left or right hand use
  • Positive lock on rotor to keep setting in place
  • Powder hopper has a baffle to keep all charges uniform
  • 22-50 caliber drop tube
  • Adjustable universal zero backlash micrometer metering chamber which won't work loose
  • Also available is a 17-20 Caliber Adapter (sold separately) for small rifle calibers

    Adjustment Method: Micrometer

    Attachment: Bench-front mounting bracket included but can also be mounted on reloading presses with standard 7/8"-14 threads (Powder measure stand sold separately)

    Powder Charge Thrown: Combines a special drum and small hemispherical metering plunger to achieve charges form 1-16 grain with a max of 25 grains



MaterialCast Iron
Maximum Powder Charge25 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge1 Grains
Metering ChamberRifle and Pistol
Powder TypeSmokeless Powder
Press Mountable Yes


Redding #: 03400


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