Applying for a New Zealand Firearms Licence

Firearms licences are obtained by applying through your nearest NZ Police Arms Office. The principal arms offices in Auckland are at Auckland Central, Takapuna, Henderson, and Manukau police stations. A few local or suburban police stationsalso have arms offices. Ask at your local police station.

Allow approximately 2 to 3 months to obtain your new firearms licence. It's not difficult or complicated, it just takes time. You will find your Arms Officer to be most helpful.

Generally, the arms officer fills in the application form at your initial interview.


You will need:

A passport photo.

At least two forms of ID. (Ideally, these would be your passport, and drivers licence. Other forms of ID may also be acceptable).


The arms officer will ask you to pay the $126.50 application fee at the Post Office and return the receipt to him.

You will need to know the full name, full address, phone numbers and date of birth of your two referees over the age of 20. One of these will be your nearest family member. The other is someone who has known you for some years and is a goodcitizen (e.g. not a known gang member.) The arms officer will separately interview you and your referees.

He will also come and inspect the security where you want to store your guns.

You will probably need to buy a lockable gun rack or preferably a metal gun storage cabinet - Serious Shooters staff will be happy to advise you on the legal requirements.

You will have to attend a Mountain Safety Association lecture one evening, and pass a simple gun safety test after the lecture. Your arms officer will advise you about this.
Note: Passing the safety test does not mean you have been granted your firearm licence.

Serious Shooters have a free list of all hunting, target shooting and firearm collecting clubs in the Auckland area, including names and contact phone numbers.



This information relates only to sporting licences for rifles and shotguns.
There are separate additional requirements for pistols and other restricted firearms.