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All goods are plus freight. Most in-stock orders usually ship within 24 business hours of receipt of payment. No Shipping to PO Box is not able to be done. All items are sent signature required to a physical address.


Shipping Powder

All forms of gun powder are sold ex-store only. Shipping Powder with other Dangerous Goods is not possible. Shipping can be expensive, please call the shop for a quote on the freight, we may be able to have it shipped from the warehouse directly to you. Or, if you can get others to combine their order with yours to make it a more viable shipment. We are required by law to identify the person purchasing the powder, we prefer to use a Firearms License as Identification, so we may require you to send a fax or scan of your licence.

Orders placed that contain powder, without first calling the shop, will be shipped without the powder.


BLACKPOWDER: Can not be shipped under any circumstances. Collect from shop please.



Shipping Co2.




Co2 Gas cylinders are not able to be easily or cheaply shipped, please call the shop before ordering. It is best if someone is able to collect the gas from the shop. If you require large amunts of Co2 call the shop as we may be able to ship directly from a warehouse closer to you.Shipping compressed gases can be expensive.

Orders placed that contain Co2, without first calling the shop, will be shipped without the Co2.

Stolen Firearms:

We have been advised by the Police that it is the Firearms owners' responsibility to keep records of their firearms should they be lost or stolen. We are happy to provide firearms serial numbers (when requested in writing) to the original purchaser of a firearm or to the Police. This information is not always easily accessible. We maintain our records in accordance of the Arms Act and retrieving serial numbers from a sale that has occured more than a year ago is time consuming. Should the time taken to retreive this information become excessive, there will be a charge to cover for this. Serious Shooters suggests that you keep photographic records of your firearm/s, serial numbers and a current valuation and keep this information in a safe place. This will help the Police in identifying a firearm should it be recovered and more importantly this will reduce any difficulties you may have with your insurers. Most people do this for other household items like TV's etc and it is prudent to do so for firearms.

If you have any questions concerning this policy please call Richard at the shop.


Overseas Customers calling into the shop.

If you are coming to New Zealand with the intention of buying goods, do not leave it to the last day of your trip. Due to the huge shortages facing the shooting industry and delays in getting goods from NZ suppliers, we will not guarantee that we have stock available. Please email us before you come to NZ and we can arrange for the goods to be here when you arrive. At the very least call in here on the first or second day of your trip so we can confirm the goods are available in New Zealand.

Any goods ordered in will need to be paid for immediately. If you contact us from overseas this will be the easiest way to get goods. Be aware that some items can not be exported from New Zealand with MFAT permission.