Exporting Firearms Overseas

Including the Pacific Islands (updated April 2016)


All firearms purchases for Export are done Directly through the Shop. DO NOT ORDER OFF THE WEBSITE if you are not in NEW ZEALAND.

Firstly you will need a permit to import the firearm into your country. The permit will need to be specific about the exact type of firearm, and we are not allowed to export some firearm types. Other restrictions, as applied by MFAT will apply to certain other countries.

If you have the permit already, you should email the permit to the shop with a list of the items you require. We will usually ask you to pay for the gun and freight now to simplify matters, but we may need to refund the money later, somehow if the export does not proceed.

If you do not have the permit, you will need to obtain one and to send us as soon as you get back. Contact the shop with your needs and we will put together a proforma invoice for teh items and hold until Permit is Produced. This ensures a firearm we will have available when youfinally get your permit. If you select a second-hand gun, it may have a fault we do not know about and we will not be responsible for repairs or faults in used firearms for export.

Taking it with you. If you are a visitor to New Zealand who wishes to buy a firearm in New Zealand and take it overseas, you will almost certainly NOT be able to take the firearm back with you. All firearm exports have to be approved by the Ministry ofForiegn Affairs and Trade (MFAT)If export is approved, the gun will almost certainly travel later, by airfreight.

The New Zealand Police have nothing to do with the exports of firearms. It is arranged by us, (with your own country's import permit) through the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT). If you try to take out firearms in your baggage without MFATapproval you risk having it confiscated by NZ Customs.

Firearms have to travel by airfreight. There are almost no exceptions to this. For most typical Pacific destinations freight and documentation will be a minimum of $400 for about 6kg including packaging.

If a permit arrives from you from overseas by mail or is delivered personally to the shop, we will confirm the price and availability of a suitable firearm and advise you. (Email contact is needed, as well as a phone number). If not pre-paid, we will advisetotal cost of firearm, documentation and freight to the destination airport.

We will complete the export forms and send them to MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs.) A decision is usually received in 2 to 3 weeks. On occasion, MFAT may refuse approval for a particular firearm (please avoid Pump Action or Semi-auto Shotguns) andmay sometimes suggest a single shot or double barrel alternative. 22lr Rifles are generally approved for all firearms with a magazxine capacity of 10rounds or less. For any reason, MFAT may  decline the export completely. We accept no responsibility for any loses incurredby the importer for MFAT declining an Export. All costs to Serious Shooters in the course of applying for the MFAT Permit will be covered by the customer.

On approval of your export application we will ask you to pay for the firearm, freight estimate and documentation / export fee, if it is not already paid-for. Airfreight can usually be arranged within a week of us receiving the MFAT approval and you paying for thefirearm and freight. Sometimes this will take longer.

Ammunition. Visitors should make their plans on purchasing their ammunition requirements well before arriving in  New Zealand. Ammunition (in small quantities) can travel in airline baggage, but the same restrictions apply to visitors buying and possessingammunition in NZ as with firearms, making this option nearly impossible also.

Ammunition cannot easily travel by airfreight, and shipping it in small quantities by sea is prohibitively expensive. WE will generally not arange for the Sea Freight of ammunition unless the value exceeds $10000NZ.

Purchases paid vis Credit Card will attarct a 3% fee. Purchases via Wire Transfer will attract a fee that is usually between $30 and $50. This is added to the cost of the order, no exceptions.