Repairs and Gunsmithing


Serious Shooters will undertake and repairs and gunsmithing to meet your needs.

We do not have a gunsmith on site, but we use a number of compentent and fully trained specialist to do the work to a high standard. We will choose the appropriate person to accomplish the job. Each one of the people that we use will be picked to do your job asspecified.


We can undertake:

Threading - Rebarrelling - Bedding - Stock Repairs and Making - Fitting of Scope Mounts and Scope Alignment - General Gunsmithing - Complete Custom Firearms.

We have people able to reapir, Shotguns, Handguns (Pistol and Revolver), Rinfire Rifles, Centrefire Rifles and Airguns (Spring, CO2 and PCP) 

You must call or email the shop before sending firearms to us for repair. When shipping firearms for repair, we will need the following to be included in with the firearm when shipped,

1. Firearms details - Make, Model and Serial Number.

2. Customers Name.

3. Customer, address, daytime phone number.

4. The name of the person you spoke to at the shop.

5. What work is to be done or the problem you are experiencing.

We may ask for the following, samples of ammunition being used, magazines for testing relaibility and functioning. Scope and Mounts if accuracy is to be tested.

NOW THIS PART IS AMAZING THAT WE HAVE TO INSIST. We receive two or three firearms a month with NO details, NO contact information, NO phone number and NO name.

If we do not recieve the above 5 pieces of information within the box, the firearm will be held aside and NO work will be undertaken until we are contacted.

If we have not received this information in writing and the customer does not contact us within 14days the firearm will be considered to be for storage and charges apply. If we do not recieve customer information (in writing - can be emailed) within 60days firearmwill be handed to the Police for Disposal.