KG-6 Moly Bore Prep


KG-6 was developed to offer the advantages of Moly to both reloaders and those who buy factory ammo. KG-6 is unlike the greases you are used to seeing. Formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide suspended in a fine oil, our finished product is a superior lubricant that does not need to be shaken and has a natural affinity for metal. KG-6 will embed a very thin film of Moly onto the bore that will aid in less bore fouling. Most shooters today are reporting 50 to 100 round strings without loss in group size or a need to clean.


KG Gun Cleaning Instructions
Maintaining your Rifle - 4 basic problems to look at
1.    Carbon removal
2.    Copper removal
3.    Solvent to flush out the residue
4.    Gun Oil to protect your bore

Step 1 - KG-1 Carbon Removal
Pass a loose patch saturated with KG 1 Carbon Remover through bore slowly.
Then use a phosphor bronze brush saturated with KG 1 Carbon Remover, and pass through bore 10 - 15 times.
Let stand for five minutes, and patch out with KG 3. This normally removes all traces of powder & carbon fouling. If grey staining is still visible patch out with KG 3 until all grey stains are gone.

Step 2 - KG 12 Copper Removal
To remove copper fouling pass a nylon brush saturated with KG 12 big bore copper remover slowly through the bore for 10 - 15 strokes (heavy fouling let stand for 5 minutes). Patch out with KG 3 degreaser, until patch comes out clean. For stubborn copper fouling repeat this stage.
Step 3 - KG 3 Solvent & De-Greaser to flush out the residue Flush out residue with KG 3 Degreaser; and run patches saturated with KG 3 through bore until no staining on patches is observed.

Step 4 - KG 4 Gun Oil to protect your bore
Push one patch with just a couple of drops of KG 4 Gun Oil through bore then three tight patches.
Step 5 - KG 10 Advanced Moly Dri Lube - bolt lugs
Clean chamber and bolt lug recesses and use KG 10 Moly Dri Lube on bolt lugs.

Step 6 - before firing your rifle
Pass two dry patches through bore prior to shooting to remove any excess or accumulated oil.



Pass 30 strokes through bore with phosphor bronze brush saturated with KG 2 Bore Polish.
Pass two dry patches through bore to remove excess then give ten stokes through bore with phosphor bronze brush saturated with KG 1 Carbon Remover.
KG 2 Bore Polish can be used as a bore polish & bore restorer every 100 rounds.
Rifle must be clean before using KG 2.

KG 6 MOLY BORE PREP (using Moly Bullets!)
Prior to application clean bore well using products KG 1 through KG 3. Apply KG 6 with brass brush and apply to bore (15-20 passes) to start the embedding process.
Keep bore wet with KG 6 during this process. Allow to set for at least 30 minutes to as long as overnight (the longer the moly is left on the bore better the result).
After setting up run one dry patch through the bore to remove residual KG 6.


Buy KG-6 Moly Bore Prep in NZ.