General 2017 Gamebird Hunting Licence Information

(From Fish & Game web site)


Fish & Game's game bird hunting licences are valid for use throughout New Zealand (except in the Chatham Islands).

Gamebird Licence 2017 3


Your licence is a permit to hunt game birds in line with the Regulations governing the Fish & Game New Zealand region you're hunting in. It does notgrant or imply any right of access over land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the land occupier's permission.

You must buy and sign your licence before you go hunting. You must then carry your licence with you whenever you're hunting or carrying assembled hunting gear.

Licences are not upgradable, exchangeable or refundable.

Report lost or stolen licences to your local Fish and Game office and they'll issue you with a replacement.

You can view below more information on game bird hunting licence categories, terms and conditions and hunting licence FAQs.


2017 Hunting Licence Costs:

Adult $93.00
Junior $21.00
Child free, with $3 Habitat Stamp fee

DAY (valid from 16 May 2017):
Adult $21.00
Junior $7.00

Hunting Licence Categories:

Age Categories:
Adult 18 years and over on 7 May 2017
Junior 12-17 years on 7 May 2017
Child 11 years and under on 7 May 2017

Whole Season Licence:
Entitles the holder to hunt or kill game at any time during the open season for game in: (a) the region for which the licence is issued; and (b) all other regions

Day licence:
Entitles the holder to hunt or kill game after the second Sunday of the new season opening, during 1 day in the open season for game inclusive in: (a) the region for which the licence is issued; and (b) all other regions

Buying Your Licence:

You can purchase your licence in several ways:

  • Online: by visiting our online licence system
  • By phone: Call our freephone licence number 0800 LICENCE (0800 542 362) during business hours ($5 booking fee)
  • In person: In-Store at an agent such as Serious Shooters

Visit the Fish & Game web site for more info by clicking here