Howa Mini Action Rifle 6.5mm Grendel


Available in .223 Rem., 6.5 Grendel & 7.62x39

22” standard profile Chrome Moly Steel Barrel

HTI® synthetic, pillar-bedded stock & recoil pad

5 or 10-round detachable magazine (depending on calibre)

Forged, lightened, one-piece bolt w/ two locking lugs

Three-position safety.


Chambered in today’s most popular calibres, including 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39!

The Howa Mini-Action Rifle is the perfect platform for an accurate and affordable bolt-action gun. With precision in mind, every Howa bolt action rifle is equipped with exacting tolerances and constructed with superior materials. From the cold-hammer-forged barrel, to the firing pin and bolt, Howa builds rifles dedicated to accuracy.


Lightweight and Efficient Design


12% shorter than short-action

Howa MiniAction – 6.0” • 10.2 oz.

Short-action – 6.9” • 13.1 oz.

Long-action – 7.4” • 15.2 oz.


Lighter and shorter means faster follow up shots!

NOT THREADED, can be threaded to suit your suppressor, we suggest either 1/2x20 or 1/2x28 for this barrel profile.


Buy Howa Mini Action Rifle 6.5mm Grendel in NZ.