Valtro PM5 Pump Action 12GA 20" Pistol Grip Stock


Valtro USA is proud to introduce to the US Market the Valtro PM5 Shotgun. The PM5 is the only box magazine fed shotgun available legally in California. With the enhanced folding stock option this shotgun combines a rugged look with a high capacity magazine.


The PM5 Shotgun includes the following features:

  • Choice of Pistol Grip or Standard Stocks
  • 20 inch barrel
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Non-Glare matte Black Finish
  • Removable Prismatic Box Magazine Feed
  • Interchangeable Choke Tubes Optional
  • Folding Stock Optional
  • Simple reliable design with minimal moving parts
  • 3 inch chamber will fit 2 and 3/4 and 3 inch shells
  • Internally Chromed Barrels
  • The special alloy receiver's surface is resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Minimal Maintenance required due to simple design and rugged construction
  • Used by Law Enforcement and Military around the world

NOTE we also have the mags for these shotguns HERE


Buy Valtro PM5 Pump Action 12GA 20" Pistol Grip Stock in NZ.