Trijicon AccuPower RS20 3-9x40 MOA CrossHair Green


We are really pleased to finally have the new Trijicon AccuPower scopes. A departure from the usual Dual illuminated scopes using Fibre Optics and Tritium, that have been the mainstay of Trijicon’s Military and Hunting Scopes for 20plus years.

The 3-9x has been the gold standard for scope magnification for decades for its versatility and wide range of uses. Generations of families have used a 3-9x for harvesting numerous types of game all over the globe. 

The MIL-Square reticule was designed by a former Marine Sniper to give a shooter refined aiming points compared to the widely accepted MiL-Dot.  This reticule provides the capability of determining distance and size of target, and to provide visual reference points used to compensate for bullet drop, plus provide reference for follow up shot compensation. Because of the square design the user can more accurately align the edge of the MiL-Square with the edge of the object being measured. Intermediate tick marks aid in increased accuracy for ranging or shot placement.

The LED reticule illumination comes in either red or green allowing you to use Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC), or to give you that added contrast to your target.  Use our 1” rings or quick release mount to match your firearms platform.

The light weight and low profile Trijicon 3-9x40 AccuPower design works well with bolt guns and AR semi-auto firearm platforms.


Package Includes:

1 Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)

1 Lens Cloth

1 Set of Lens Caps

1 AccuPower Manual

1 Warranty Card

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