Export of Firearms and Parts thereof, Telescopic Sights, Ammunition, Components for Ammunition and Parts thereof from New Zealand are Restricted by the NZ Government, at this time we are not able to exportto China and all South East Asian countries. This includes, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, PNG, Burma (or whatever it is named right now), Vietnam, Phillipines, Laos and few more I have not listed. Email the shop for furtherinformation.Many Southern Pacific Nations have unusual restrictions that must be complied with by the purchaser, Serious Shooters is not liable for any legal problems arising at the Port / Country of Destination. It is YOUR responsibility to complywith all local laws. Extra costs are involved over and above the likely freight costs for Exports.
All Exports are handled through the shop and not through the Website. If you place an Export Order without calling the shop and there are difficulties, DO NOT complain to us. It is your fault for being stupid and not being able to followinstructions. Full refunds will not be given out of hand, if Serious Shooters incurs costs involved in this transaction, some monies WILL be dedcuted from the refund to cover these costs. It is usually no less than $250 NZ Dollars of our time for this type of problem. YOU HAVE BEENWARNED.
Local Law and Restrictions
Serious Shooters Limited cannot know how the law and restrictions apply specifically to you and your country. YOU must be in compliance of all laws concerning these products. Please check the law where you wish items to be sent to ensure that YOU are not breaking the them, YOUmust ensure that you comply for any restricted item, before you make an order.


All else fails, email the shop. Do not phone us.