Birchwood Casey Target Shootnc 2" Bull 12 Sheets


BIRCHWOOD CASEY manufactures a wide range of targets, including patented self-adhesive Shoot•N•C® targets that explode in a bright, fluorescent green ring of color around each bullet hole

Convenient, self-adhesive Target Spots create instant bull’s-eyes for all types of target practice! The high-contrast, fluorescent red color lets you see a sharper sight picture and bullet holes more clearly for better scores and smaller groups. Try all sizes for different distances and uses – rifle, shotgun, handguns and even archery. All Target Spots have a self-adhesive backing for easy use.

Find the Target Spots you need – whether the size you need is 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3" or 6"! Or, for the avid shooter who needs more than one size, choose the Value Pack Assortment, which includes the three most popular sizes



Buy Birchwood Casey Target Shootnc 2" Bull 12 Sheets in NZ.