AMP Induction Annealer 220Volt


Product Information

  • All program settings established by laboratory micro-Vickers neck hardness tests.
  • No assembly required - start annealing brass right out of the box.
  • Change from one cartridge type to another in seconds.
  • Anneal all cartridges from 17 Hornet to 460 Weatherby.
  • No guesswork – no temperature pastes. Just select the correct pilot and program for your cartridge, and start annealing.
  • USB port to future proof for software updates.
  • No pilots are included with annealer. Pilots sold separately.

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The output inductor features a custom manufactured ferrite core with an air gap designed to focus magnetic fields. This means there is no work coil, and therefore nothing to burn out or need replacing. Because there is no work coil, there is also no need for water cooling. The ability of the annealer to run for extended time depends partly on the ambient room temperature. Avoid using in direct hot sunlight or high temperature conditions. A room temperature of 70F/20C is ideal.

Thermal Protection
In common with any induction heater, with extended use, the output inductor will gradually heat up. Multiple fans are installed in our annealer to keep the circuitry and inductor cool. After 40 – 50 cases have been annealed, the top of the unit behind the pilot will start to feel warm to the touch. This is normal.
In the event that the output inductor should reach 190F/90C (inside the annealer), a thermal cut out will activate to protect the unit. If that occurs, leave the annealer turned on so the fans continue cooling. It will automatically reset after 30 minutes, once cooling is complete.

Run time
Our new circuitry means that provided ambient temperature is around 70F/20C, the annealer can be run continuously for a minimum of 200 cases on any program setting without approaching cut out. Many customers go well beyond this.

AMP features a full shielded housing. By the very nature of induction, electromagnetic interference is produced when the unit is powered up. If uncontrolled this can affect other electrical devices, such as radios. For that reason federal regulations apply. Our shielded housing and electrical filtering effectively blocks and contains all these emissions. AMP has now passed all international EMC standards. The unit even features internal shielding enclosures to ensure accurate and reliable performance.

Uniquely, the induction annealer has adjustable power and time settings built into the pre-programs. This allows small and very precise increments in annealed neck hardness. When setting the correct program for new brass, we start low and work up until we achieve the target hardness of 105Hv.

We have not attempted to include an auto-feed function at this stage. AMP is designed to accurately insert each cartridge manually to exactly the same point in the air gap every time. We have found that a variation of just 2mm makes a significant difference to the result. Once the user is familiar with its use, it can be cycled at around 5 – 6 cases per minute or about the same as case sizing or bullet seating. We may revisit auto-feed in the future.

Depth of insertion into the air gap is critical. A variation of only a few millimetres can make a significant difference to the result. Therefore we now will supply depth specific pilot which do not need adjustment. Just thread them all the way in and they are ready to go. There is still some commonality. For example, the family .243 W, 7-08 R and 308 W all share the same pilot #11. Pilots are sold separately.



Pilots sold seperately, all you need is the pilot and your usual shellholder.


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